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The Most Frequently Asked Questions
​HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?  The  cost of the program is determined by many factors.  If you are an Alberta resident,the approximate cost will be $150 for an application fee; $4200 for the program;  student room and board is $935/month; horse board is $250/month; and if you do not have your own horse, then a lease fee is $375/month.

DO WE DO ENGLISH RIDING AS WELL?   Our program is a western riding program.  We explore other disciplines including English - even jumping .  However, our primary focus is Western Rider Levels 1 to 4

CAN I CHALLENGE THE RIDER LEVELS?  You can absolutely challenge the rider level tests.  We highly recommend you purchase the Equine Canada Rider level books, learn the theory and practice well in advance of challenging the tests.  There may be a cost involved with challenging the tests if you are unsuccessful.

IS THERE A DRESS CODE?  Students attend this academy in pursuit of becoming highly trained horsemen/women.  We expect students to maintain the image of aspiring professional horsemen/women in all manners of dress, once riders pass their level 1.   Dressing appropriately for safety in the barns and around the horses include (for all students):
  • proper footwear - appropriate for working with horses
  • helmet -  when riding
  • hair tied back and out of your face
  • no loose fitting hoodies or sweaters that may get caught on the saddle horn
  • proper riding jeans or pant wear​

IS THERE SUPERVISION OVER THE HOLIDAYS AND WEEKENDS?  Every weekend there is supervisors on site.  However, any school break longer than 4 days, would mean the academy is closed and the staff has time off.  We can arrange for supervision on extra long weekends and holidays at an additional cost.

HOW MUCH RIDING DO WE DO?  Students ride every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Lessons are 1.5 to 2 hours in duration.  Students also participate in once a week evening lesson and monthly weekend clinics with clinicians.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for theory.  We strongly encourage students to ride after hours once they have demonstrated responsible safe conduct in the barns and arena.

HOW ARE THE MEALS?  GOOD!  We strive to cook healthy, wholesome, home cooked, ranch meals.  Much of the food is grown here on the farm.  We limit the amount of junk food.  There is always fresh fruit and healthy snacks available.

WHAT KIND OF CHORES DO WE HAVE TO DO?  Students are responsible for maintaining the barns, arena, and full care of the horses.  In the residence, every student gets a daily household chore.

WHO TAKES CARE OF THE HORSES WHEN THERE IS NO SCHOOL?  We are a working farm and ranch.  We have staff on site, year round to take care of the farm chores when students are not at the academy.

IS THERE SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE?  There is a bursary program.  Any students that complete their courses and receive passing grades can apply.  

DO YOU ACCEPT INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS?  We do accept international students, however, international student fees apply.International students should begin the process of obtaining their student visa well in advance.

IS THERE A CURFEW?  Yes, lights out  at 10pm on the weeknights, midnight on the weekends. 

WHAT HAPPENS IF I BREAK A RULE?  It would depend on the severity of the infraction.  There is a policy and procedure manual for students and parents to read.  It outlines our rules and expectations at the academy.  In a nutshell, for a minor issue, we will talk to the student and determine what course of action is appropriate.   We take very seriously any major infraction that might jeopardizes the safety of yourself, another student, or any of the horses or animals on the farm.  If this occurs, we involve the parents and there may be a probationary period.  

WHAT HAPPENS IF I DO NOT STAY FOR BOTH SEMESTERS?  Our program is a 10 month program.  If you commit to the 10 month program but leave halfway through, you are still responsible for paying the whole amount.  

WILL OTHER SPORTS AND EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES INTERFERE WITH MY RIDING SCHEDULE?  Yes, some sports and extracurricular activities DO conflict with riding.  You will need to make a choice what activities you will pursue while at the academy.  

HOW DO I GET TO EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES THAT ARE NOT ON CAMPUS?   We will drive you to any extra curricular activities that are in the town of Hardisty.   If you attend any tournaments, or activities outside of town, you will need to carpool with other team members.