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About Joseph Rae Equestrian Academy
In 2000 Eugene Joseph Wasserman and Jacqueline Rae Wasserman purchased  a quarter section of land overlooking the Battle River.  Over the next 2 years, the concept of the school was  developed.  
In 2002 the building of the barns and primary residence began under the watchful eye of Eugene.  Over the following 11 years, the family continued to strive to develop a unique equine facility and student accomodations to make it possible for aspiring student equestrian athletes to complete their high school education around their training and competitive lives.
Our school provides the flexibility that is required to accommodate the training, travel and competition demands of our high-performance riders. We also provide these young men and women with a university preparatory program leading to the completion of the requirements for their Alberta High School Diploma.


The Joseph Rae Equestrian Academy will enable aspiring  athletes to achieve their secondary school goals while training and competing in high level equestrian sports competitions.


At the Joseph Rae  Equestrian Academy we strive to encourage students to pursue their academic and equestrian sport competition goals and to realize their personal, academic, and social potential by exploring their talents and pursuing their ambitions.


​There are riders and there are true horsemen/horsewomen. If your ambition is to become an excellent rider, there are many great instructors out there to help you achieve this goal.  
However, true horsemen/horsewomen understand horses, their needs, and what it takes to get the very best performance from themselves and their horse. They strive for a true relationship that promotes deeper understanding, everyday.

With ambition and determination, every student has the potential to excel.